“The Monteux School has been hugely influential to both of us . . . so we can’t encourage you enough to apply for next summer’s session and hope you get as much as we did out of the experience.”

Kensho Watanabe ’09-’11
Assistant Conductor
Philadelphia Orchestra

Adam Johnson ’09
Assistant Conductor
Montreal Symphony Orchestra

“…it provides a really open and encouraging opportunity for musical and personal growth in an unbelievably beautiful setting.”

Marisela Sager ’97
Principal 2nd Flute
Cleveland Orchestra

“Monteux School played such an important role in my life I would encourage all conductors and instrumentalists to go.”

Erik Ochsner ’92-’96
SONOS Chamber Orchestra

Everything about the school, from the level of the students to the quality of the teaching is first rate . . . not to mention its beautiful surroundings.

1st year, conductor/piano

There is nothing in school that compares to the applied study of performance at Monteux. This experience gives me the knowledge base I need to successfully prepare for orchestral auditions and perform to a high enough caliber to get called back.

(2nd year, clarinet)

. . . no other learning experience has so profoundly shaped my music making. Maestro Jinbo is a truly special teacher.

2nd year, conductor/bassoon

Pierre Monteux School conductors and musicians definitely changed my life.

1st year, cello

The tutelage of Maestro Jinbo has been nothing short of life altering. I will forever carry his ideas, his high standards and intense passion with me every time I step foot on the podium. He is immensely intelligent, witty, demanding and caring, and . . . knows exactly how hard to push each of us.

1st year, conductor/trombone

The Monteux School was a truly formative experience for me. The instruction I received from Maestro Jinbo, along with the positive atmosphere amongst the instrumentalists and fellow conductors helped me realize the amount of love and passion I have for music.

2nd year, conductor/violin

The experience has been invaluable. These past six weeks have been this aspiring orchestral player’s dream, and have totally transformed me.

1st year, viola

I came from France to learn a truly fantastic conducting tradition that has been lost in my native country since the loss of Masters such as Pierre Monteux and Charles Munch. The Monteux School offers an ideal environment for learning skills that are too often inaccessible.

3rd year, conductor/violin

I was able to grow musically and personally.  . . . The school has inspired me to pursue orchestral music in the future.

1st year, double bass

The school is a very supportive place in which one’s talent and abilities can be fostered in a supportive environment. Attending the school this summer changed my views on what I am doing as a conductor and why I am doing it. With the time honored tradition of conducting taught here, it made me a better musician and person.

1st year, conductor/violin

My six weeks at the Pierre Monteux School have been a wonderful experience! I am grateful that I had the opportunity to play so many great pieces and work on my orchestral-playing skills. I have learned so much from Maestro Jinbo and my colleagues in the orchestra. I have already grown as a musician and will continue to build upon what I learned here.

1st year, clarinet

The fact that the school is so steeped in tradition is very comforting and inspiring: generations have gone before me to learn and play in this great place, by reading and performing so much repertoire under so many conductors, my skills in sight-reading, focus, endurance and musicality have been greatly enhanced. I learned a lot from the Maestro’s instruction of both the orchestra and the conductor – not just how to beat clearly, but how to sing, feel the music, and be the music while still playing correctly and accurately.

1st year, viola

I have had such a great experience here. Maestro Jinbo has taught me new and valuable lessons of how to approach my conducting. I remember week four, Maestro Jinbo assigned me to Hindemith: Symphonic Metamorphosis’ last two movements. While conducting them in concert I felt the pure joy of conducting.  The orchestra’s great performance, my connection to the piece and the cheers from the crowd made it a memorable experience.

1st year, conductor/violin

Last night’s concert was one of the most meaningful musical experiences I’ve been privileged to be a part of. I feel so blessed to be at the Pierre Monteux School. Brahms 4, Sensemaya by Revueltas, and the Rachmaninoff Symphonic Dances.

1st year, horn

All that repertoire was simply wonderful. There is no [other] place you will read that much music in six weeks!

1st year, horn

. . . unique and unparalleled lessons . . .

2nd year, conductor/piano

. . . an amazing and career-building experience.

1st year, oboe

Alumni Comments About Maestro Jinbo

  • . . . is a wonderful, gifted teacher. His passion is palpable.
  • I have never had a teacher who has been able to reach me as profoundly.
  • . . . Is destined to be a great teacher in the spirit and tradition of Monteux and Bruck.
  • I have had many teachers in my life. [He] is the first I could call a mentor
  • . . . is the individual who best links the greatness of the School’s past to its future
  • [He is ] a man of great musical integrity, a spiritually and intellectually stimulating conductor, and a truly inspiring teacher.