Monteux School and Music Festival

The Monteux School & Music Festival is a six-week summer program providing training and practical experience for orchestra conductors and instrumentalists. Participants learn first-hand the various demands of orchestral playing and experience an unrivaled opportunity to learn a large and varied repertoire over the course of its six-week program.

MSMF consists of six Festival Orchestra concerts presented each Sunday at 5:00 PM from June 23-July 28, and five ‘Mainely’ Chamber Music concerts at 7:30 PM each Wednesday from June 26-July 24.

Class of 2018

MSMF’s program for conductors and orchestral musicians offers:

  • Intensive training and practical experience for conductors and orchestra musicians.
  • Exciting repertoire of some 60 works, encompassing the full scope and variety of the symphonic literature.
  • Unique experience where conductors learn from both sides of the podium. Conductors also play in the orchestra, creating a positive environment in which conductors and instrumentalists work and learn together.
  • Inspired and passionate teaching praised by students and colleagues.

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