Maestro Alvin Mills (’43-’44) retires after 63 yrs. with Brentwood-Westwood S. O.

Tonight, at the age of 94, Maestro Alvin Mills, who studied with Pierre Monteux during the first two years of L’Ecole Monteux in Hancock, is laying down his baton. We celebrate the achievements of Maestro Mills during his 63 years as Founder and Conductor of the Brentwood-Westwood Symphony Orchestra in Los Angeles in 1953.

His tenure as Founder/Conductor is a world record! At the age of 13, Alvin Mills attended a concert by the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra conducted by Pierre Monteux. He was so struck by what one person could do with one hundred musicians that he wrote to Monteux about it.


See the response young Alvin received from the Monteux family.

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