Program Schedule


The Monteux School & Music Festival 2018 season consists of six full weeks from Monday, June 18 through Sunday, July 29. (All participants arrive on Sunday, June 17 and leave the morning of Monday, July 30.) Each week’s schedule consists of seven masterclass orchestra rehearsals, held on Tuesday through Friday mornings (9:00 am-12:30 pm) and on Tuesday and Friday evenings (7:00-10:00pm).

Dress rehearsals for Sunday concerts are held on Saturday mornings (9:00 am-1:00 pm).

Festival Performances

Public orchestra concerts are presented each Sunday afternoon at 5:00 pm (beginning June 24) and are led by enrolled conductors. In addition, Mainely Chamber Music concerts featuring ensembles organized and performed by program participants, are presented each Wednesday evening at 7:30 pm starting the second week. Musicians are strongly encouraged to broaden their experience by participating in the weekly chamber music concerts.


Sectionals, seminars, and score study sessions are scheduled by the Music Director and the Conducting Associate on an ad hoc basis or when requested by program participants.

In general, Mondays are free days except in the first week, which follows a modified schedule.